Chinaplas 2019

Chinaplas 2019 coming back to guangzhou again. There is a rotation of International plastic and rubber exhibition in two major cities of china. In 2018 the 32 international plastic and rubber exhibition held in shanghai city. the city of financial capital of china.

Chinaplas 2017 – Guangzhou

Chinaplas 2018 – Shanghai

Chinaplas 2019 – Guangzhou

The chinaplas plastic and rubber exhibition is one of largest exhibition in world for plastic and rubber. CHINAPLAS is the largest plastics and rubber fair (exhibition) in the Asia Pacific region and one of the top International Plastics shows in the world. Like K show in Germany, NPE in united states of America, Plastindia in India

The last edition of Chinaplas 2018 covered 26 halls, with nearly 4,000 exhibitors from 38 countries. The exhibition organisers reported record-breaking visitor numbers. 180,000 people visited the show in 2018, with 40,000 from overseas.

Why chinaplas is important for exhibitors.

As we already know china is nice in plastic raw material manufacturing and plastic molding manufacturing as well. The molding machine companies like haitian are based in china. China also have nice automation and manufacturing capabilities which are really good for manufacturing these chicaneries.

The chinaplas marketing and publishing management managed by a ADSALE company.

adsale is the organizer of chinaplas, the company well known for successful management and event management.

Chinaplas 2019 overlook

Chinaplas always introduces new machinery to manufacturers and the businessman. Where they can have look of new machines. According to my point of view, Chinaplas 2019 will be focused on “industry 4.0”

What is Industry 4.0 ?

The industry 4.0 is the new concept of industrial plant from raw material to final finished good. In industry 4.0 all data will collected from each machine to the server or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), these data will be for example Production output of machine, temperature of water pipes, pressure of water pipelines, etc.

chinaplas 2019 dates

21 May 2019 to 24 May 2019 Guangzhou China.


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