India’s First Fully Organic State

Sikkim, the beautiful state of India in north east region. Sikkim Becomes India’s First Fully Organic State. This is huge milestone in india’s organic farming market. In this post we shall discuss about why organic food is so important and how you can get it?

in 2018, The united nations officially announced as sikkim is the India’s First Fully Organic State and awarded first prize. United nations also informed that India has more organic food producers than any other in the world.

In 2016 sikkim was declared fully organic after it opted to get rid of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Sikkim government promoted natural alternatives to chemical fertilizers.

sikkim is the small himalayan state and plays important role in india’s organic farming. due to this sikkim tourism has increased and it is expected to increase organic export market also.

There are many agricultural products of india have huge demand in foreign markets. such as nashik onions, indian potatoes

Because of award from united nations to sikkim , it created global market for sikkim organic products. tourism in sikkim also increased since 2016 when it was declared as fully organic state in India.

The second prizes was given to three countries by united nation in 2018.

Brazil won the second prize for its policy of buying food for school meals from family farms.

Denmark was awarded for creating more awareness among peoples and motivating them for buying more organic food.

Ecuador capital quito recognized for encouraging urban gardening.

Why organic food is important ?

now you would ask why organic products are so important for heath.

I want to clear that organic products¬† are little bit expensive because of lesser production. You always have to choose Organic food because it’s free from any chemical fertilizes or any pesticides.

so please choose organic food , at least vegetables, fruits etc. the most important is you have to avoid processed food also. Its better for your health if you only eat fresh vegetables and fruits. But sometimes we don’t have access to organic products in malls and supermarkets. nowadays peoples aware of organic food so big malls have organic product section.

Organic food is expensive

As organic food have lower production so its obviously we have to pay it more. Demand and supply plays crucial role in price, right?

But it will solved soon , for now I would recommend you to buy organic food like grapes, apples, vegetables. reason of this is because these products need lotof care and farmers uses fertilizers and pesticides to maintain quality etc.

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