Nashik onions

India is well know in the world for its fertile land. India enjoys diversified climate across whole nation from east to west and north to south. This diversified climate helps to produce best quality agricultural products too. India have hundreds of “Geographical Indicated” agricultural products. such as Nashik onions,Nashik grapes, Ratnagiri Mango, etc

Nashik is the one of best cities of INDIA in various perspective. Nashik is third largest and emerging city of Maharashtra state,which is the wealthiest state of INDIA. Maharashtra contributes more than 7% of nations GDP. Nashik located 200 km from India’s financial capital Mumbai and 180 km from Pune. Nashik is also know as backyard of Mumbai. Nashik is the wine capital of India, which has more than 25 wine yards in the city. You might heard about “Nashik grapes”, these grapes have Geographical indication to mark its quality and test. Nashik grapes have huge demand from EUROPE, Brazil, USA.

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Nashik is the world famous for “Nashik onions”. Lasalgaon is Asia’s biggest onion market. Lasalgaon is a city of Nashik district in Maharashtra, a state which accounts for a third of India’s 16 million tonnes annual production. This market have huge capabilities to supply GI marked agricultural onions with good quality to entire world.

There is long list of agricultural products which produced in Nashik, Maharashtra. some of them tabulated below

Nashik grapes

Nashik onions (Lasalgaon)

Nashik pomegranates

Nashik tomattoes


some short information about nashik onions

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